Ramp up your party offerings with these updated devilled eggs

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Ramp up your party offerings with these updated devilled eggs

There’s more than one kind of egg you should be paying attention to this Easter – don’t forget about the versatility of a good quality chicken egg!


Woolworths sells only free-range eggs in a variety of sizes and combinations – be it large free range eggs (perfect for baking), jumbo eggs (bring on a nice scramble), or a mixed combination to use as you please. There’s an egg for every situation – including these delightful updated devilled eggs, which take just minutes to make.

Serving suggestion

Bring a saucepan of water to the boil. Boil 18 large free range eggs until medium-hard (6–9 minutes). Once cool, peel and halve, remove the yolks and set aside. For a green filling, blend 1/2 avocado with 200 g hummus, 100 g blanched Woolworths frozen petit-pois, and 2 T fresh basil pesto. For a pink filling, blend 1 small cooked beetroot with 100 g hummus. Pipe the fillings into the egg whites. Alternatively, fill the egg whites with Woolworths sour cream-and-chives dip or Woolworths smoked snoek pâté. Garnish with the crumbled egg yolks, flowers and seed-and-nut sprinkle.

Shop chicken eggs at woolworths.co.za

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