Vegetarian recipe ideas for your next braai

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Vegetarian recipe ideas for your next braai

Whether you’re the vegetarian hosting or attending the braai, you’ll know that sometimes, the veggies aren’t always catered for. We’ve put together a few simple vegetarian recipes that are sure to wow at your next braai.

Baked brinjals

Brinjals will always win the vegetarians over and while this recipe is technically for the oven, you can easily cook them on the braai, too. Either keep the brinjals on the cooler side of the fire and turn occasionally, or wrap them in foil and place them right in the coals.
Baked-brinjalsGet the recipe for baked brinjals here.

Brinjal skewers

Yes, another brinjal recipe but we’ve included it for two reasons. Firstly, these are a crowd-pleaser that everyone, even the meat-eaters, will enjoy. Secondly, they’re a reminder that any kind of veggie can be given the kebab treatment.
Brinjal-skewersGet the recipe for brinjal skewers here.

Three-cheese braaibroodjie

Braaibroodjies are nothing revolutionary, but if you make them well (in other words, stuff them with three different types of cheese), they’re guaranteed to keep the vegetarians at any braai happy.
Get the recipe for three-cheese braaibroodjie here.

Braaied plant-based sausages

If you’re looking for a meat alternative, plant-based sausages are always a great idea – especially when they’re glazed, sticky and charred, like these.
braaied plant based sausagesGet the recipe for plant-based sausages here.

Blue-cheese baked gem squash

Give gem squash the baked potato treatment by wrapping them in foil and cooking them straight on the coals. Blue cheese is optional, but highly recommended.
Blue cheese baked gem squash recipeGet the recipe for blue cheese baked gem squash here.

Charred cauliflower and broccoli with Thai green curry butter

Cauliflower always benefits from a bit of colour, and you can achieve that pretty easily on a braai. Just keep rotating them so they char evenly.
charred cauliflower and broccoli with Thai green curry butterGet the recipe for charred cauliflower and broccoli with Thai green curry butter here.

Looking for more braai recipes? Find our collection here.

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