Waste not, want not

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Waste not, want not

‘Tis the season of feasting for many of us – but what about those less fortunate?


Ever wondered what happens to all the food on grocery shelves that doesn’t get sold? The good news is that what’s considered “surplus food” by Woolworths is actually not waste at all – it’s food that’s reached its sell-by date, but is still safe, wholesome and of high quality. This food is removed from shelves at the end of the trading day in Woolies stores, packed up and donated to local organisations within communities across South Africa. Each year, Woolies donates a whopping R485 million worth of surplus food to approximately 1400 non-profit organisations countrywide.

St Anne’s Homes in Woodstock, Cape Town, is one such beneficiary. For the last four years, Woolies has helped nourish some of the city’s most vulnerable women and children through regular food donations. This partnership helps St Anne’s in its mission to provide safe shelter and care to young mothers and their children – and to empower these women to become independent and self-sufficient.

You can help those in need in your community too, simply by swiping your linked Woolies or MySchool card. Just visit MySchool and select the beneficiary you wish to support.

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