WATCH: What to drink when you’re the designated driver

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WATCH: What to drink when you’re the designated driver

There’s more to life than diet-cola doom and ginger-ale gloom.


Oh, the horror. Drawing the short straw in your group of friends and having to stay sober while they devolve from upstanding citizens to the kind that lose their social filters after one too many tequilas. It’s a hard life, but take heart in the fact that you’re a) an actual life saver, b) won’t be subjected to a crippling hangover the next day and c) that you don’t have to solely subsist on the teetotalling standbys of soda water and ginger beer.

Go on, treat yourself with a barsenal of non-alcoholic drinks that don’t make you feel like you’re with the fun police. Something like a sparkling mango-and-coconut Bellini, mint mojito or a pomegranate and vanilla-flavoured sparkling grape juice. And while you’re at it, add some razzle dazzle with fresh fruit or scoops of sorbet to take your mocktail from basic to bomshell. Here’s to happy hour!

For more non-alcoholic drink options for the festive season, visit Woolworths here.

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