Watch: This is how to eat more sustainable fruit and veg

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Husband-and-wife team Luke Grant and Jessica Shepherd’s passion for serving delicious food is as infectious as their dedication to using only ingredients that are farmed sustainably and ethically on their menu at The Table at De Meye. To help supplement the produce they source – everything from local pasture-reared hens’ eggs and free-range beef to seasonal ingredients bought weekly from an organic farmers’ co-op – they planted an organic kitchen garden on the farm last year to supply them with fresh veggies, herbs, fruit, flowers and berries. Their philosophy is to make simple, tasty food with love. And this love clearly extends to the environment.

Do your bit for the environment and the community by supporting local farms and stocking up on sustainably grown and sourced fruit and vegetables at Woolies.

Learn more about Woolworths’ sustainability projects here.

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