Watch: What kind of rusk dunker are you?

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Watch: What kind of rusk dunker are you?

Psychologists divide humanity into introverts and extroverts, risk-takers and other factors such as whether you prefer hard facts or using your intuition. Here at TASTE, we have a simpler, faster way of finding out what kind of human we’re dealing with: give that person a rusk.

The most common kinds of rusk behaviours are listed below. Which one are you?

1. You marinate your rusk for a substantial amount of time

You’re an 80/20 person. You know the potential pitfalls of extended soaking, but to you, the benefits of a properly saturated rusk outweigh the dangers. You likely undertake this behaviour with a teaspoon at the ready, to catch any falling rusk-bergs. Nevertheless, you perform best with a fairly firm rusk. We recommend Woolies’ multiseed rusks, which have fairly good structural integrity, and the new honey-oat-rusk. The honey helps firm up the structure more than in the average rusk, preventing an early collapse.

2. You dip your rusk for a limited time only

You are a conscientious, balanced individual. You probably have a mild rusk-risk aversion, but this is probably nothing to worry about. Unless you find yourself timing your dunking with a stopwatch, you should be able to live a full and active life. You’re unlikely to ever try a coffee risotto, however. For you, most rusks are an option. Try a digestive bran and almond rusk or invest in a variety pack.

3. You do not dunk your rusk at all

This kind of rusk behaviour takes two forms: the individual who spoons coffee over the rusk, to create a level of coffee saturation without compromising the drink itself, and crunching: the practice of gnawing on a raw, unmarinated rusk. As a base, this behaviour indicate extreme crumb-in-coffee aversion. These individuals may love coffee above all else, and are unable to countenance any structural collapses. You may also be dealing with a texture-phobe, for whom a soggy crumb would cause emotional distress. Do not attempt to serve this individual guavas, guacamole, or improperly crisped schnitzels. This individual is unlikely to ever serve mocca in a cone, but that’s okay, because they probably possess the necessary precision to make gnocchi from scratch, or bake a Mary Berry-approved chiffon cake. If this is you, it’s probably better for you and your dentist, if you stick to a softer variety of rusk. We suggest a classic buttermilk rusk or any pale rusk, which can indicate a shorter baking time.

4. You’re a decadent dunker

You are a person who doesn’t do things by halves. You want the full experience, whipped cream and sprinkles included. You’ve probably tried bungee jumping or paragliding, couch-surfing and deep-frying ice cream. Your preferred travel destinations are more Anthony Bourdain than package tours. When it comes to rusks, you’re looking for something with a fairly robust structure. From our extensive testing, we can recommend the Woolies’ doughnut rusks, Ayrshire buttermilk waffle rusks, banana bread rusks or Ayrshire buttermilk cinnarusk rusks.

What kind of rusk dunker are you? Let us know in the comments below.

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