Welcome to the superbowl

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Welcome to the superbowl

Make a few cups of brown rice and keep in the fridge for an easy-to-assemble lunch. We’ll give you six ways to dress-it-up.

Brown rice is a natural and unrefined whole grain, which means it’s packed with natural vitamins and minerals. It’s also fibre-rich because it hasn’t gone through a refining process removing the bran and germ layer. Brown rice will also keep you fuller for longer.

Coconut brown rice with red beans and ham


Try the recipe here.

Sumac salmon on brown rice and preserved lemon salad


Try the recipe here.

Spinach-and-roast-butternut fried rice

Try the recipe here.

Chicken and sweet pepper rice


Try the recipe here.

Fried rice with corn, peas and honey-soya tofu


Try the recipe here.

Wild brown rice salad on grilled brown mushrooms


Try the recipe here.

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