We’re loving Easy to Cook lamb from Woolies

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We're loving Easy to Cook lamb from Woolies

Presenting your next, easiest ever Sunday lunch meal – Easy to Cook shoulder of lamb. Just add some sides like roasted veg and a dab of minted yoghurt and off you go.


Looking for a great cut of meat to cook this weekend? Look no further than Woolies’ Easy to
Cook free-range shoulder of lamb. Deboned and filled with a delicious harissa-and-barley
stuffing, with a mild hint of chilli, it serves up to six and is sure to bring down the house at your
next Sunday lunch. Accompanied by roast veggies and a bit of Mediterranean flavour in the
form of minted yoghurt, it’s a feast in the making.

Serving suggestion: Cook the lamb according to package instructions and slice thickly. Serve with roast
garlic, roast root vegetables (beetroot, baby carrots and pumpkin) and minted yoghurt.

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