We’re obsessed with these trout skin crisps!

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We're obsessed with these trout skin crisps!

If you’re a fan of crispy skin fish, you’re going to love this snack. It’s crunchy and salty and once you pop, you won’t stop.

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Crispy, crunchy textures play a vital role in any snack or meal and are an essential counterpoint to creamy dips and spreads. Best of all, they’re absolutely moreish. This is why assembling a chip-and-dip platter using Woolworths’ new rainbow trout skin crisps is a no-brainer.

This chip-and-dip platter is just the thing to serve when hosting a crowd, and it’s easily customisable to fit your guests’ tastes. It’s a low effort, great results solution to keeping them happy while they wait for the mains to arrive.

These innovative crisps are available in two flavours: salted and salt and vinegar. We’ve kept it simple with a homemade hummus dip and creamy, tangy labneh, but the options are endless. Go for guacamole, whipped feta, or a zingy chimichurri. Or go beyond snacking – use these trout skin crisps to garnish meals. Forgo poppadoms for your fish curry and use these instead, place them atop confit salmon, crumble over seafood soups or add crunch to salads.


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Get the recipe for trout skins with easy hummus and spicy labneh here.

Woolworths’ rainbow trout skin crisps are made from trout that are farmed in the cold waters of the Lesotho Highlands and the Western Cape. These trout skin crisps are low in carbohydrates, high in protein, and a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. They’re cold smoked, hand cut, fried in small batches to golden-brown perfection and seasoned to create a crispy snack. 

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Photographs: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Production: Jacqui Burgess
Food assistant: Leila-Ann Mokotedi

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