What to make with Envy™ apples this winter

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What to make with Envy™ apples this winter

When you’re craving something sweet this winter, we’ve got two brilliant recipes using Envy™ apples to satisfy your cravings. In a rush? Make air-fryer Envy™ apple turnovers and for slow weekends, Envy™ apple cinnamon buns are what you need.

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Envy™ apples are a natural cross between Royal Gala and Braeburn apples. These apples have a crimson peel with a few white speckles and a smooth, glossy finish. They have a sweet, slightly tangy flavour and a crisp, crunchy texture that makes them really versatile – perfect for snacking, baking and roasting. This winter, try these two excellent tea-time treats using Envy™ apples.

Air-fryer Envy™ apple turnovers

These flaky, buttery pastry envelopes filled with thick, gooey caramelised apples are the easiest pastries ever. The best part of this recipe is that it’s all done in the air-fryer. That’s a sweet treat guaranteed in minutes! This recipe is so easy, the kids can get involved. Finish the turnovers with a drizzle of icing before serving.


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Get the recipe for Envy™ apple turnovers here.

Envy™ apple cinnamon buns

Not only do these sticky buns taste divine, but they leave your kitchen smelling heavenly, too. Spread home-made cinnamon butter on brioche dough and top with slow-cooked apples and chopped walnuts, then roll into a log. Slice into buns and bake. They’re soft and fluffy with a sweet caramel-and-cinnamon apple centre. Making your own dough from scratch might take a bit of time, but the results are 100% worth it.

Get the recipe for Envy™ apple cinnamon buns here.

Photograph: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes: Brita du Plessis
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

Envy™ apples are favoured for their sweet, sophisticated flavour, delightfully satisfying crunch, beautiful red colour and naturally white flesh.

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