Which wine glass to use when

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Which wine glass to use when

Sure, you can quaff your favourite wine from an all-purpose glass filled to the brim (no one is judging). But the truth is the shape of the glass (and the level you fill it to) really can enhance the flavour of different varietals.

Here’s how to unleash your inner wine snob.

How much wine should I pour into a glass?

Red wine:
The bowl of a red-wine glass is full and round, allowing the wine to come into contact with more air for the aromas to develop.

Red wine should only take up a third of a glass, which gives you plenty of room to swirl and aerate it. (General rule: don’t fill a wine glass beyond its widest point.)

White wine & rosé:
The bowl of a white wine glass is more U-shaped and upright. White wine (and rosé) glasses should ideally not be more than half full.

A bubbly glass should only be filled three-quarters of the way.

When should I use which wine glass (and why)?


The rounded bowl and gently tapered rim directs lighter, full-bodied wines, such as Pinot Noir, to the front of the palate to highlight delicate flavours.


The wide opening directs young whites to the tips and sides of the tongue to highlight sweet qualities. The spice of a more mature wine is also enhanced


The short bowl and flared lip directs wine to the tip of the tongue to highlight sweetness in dry, crisp rosés, lending more balance. (A white wine glass can also be used.)


Upright and tall to retain the bubbles and enhance flavour.


Designed for Cabernets and Merlots, the glass directs the wine to the back of the mouth to maximise bold flavours.


Suits any white but especially those that are lighter and crisper.

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