Wok & roll

By TASTE, 12 January 2019

For a fresh, delicious meal that’s ready in minutes, it’s hard to beat Woolworths’ wok-ready products.


Consisting of a variety of chopped veggies, noodles and fragrant sauces, they’re the busy cook’s secret weapon.

Simply pick your veggies (like the crisp and crunchy mix of Tenderstem broccoli and red cabbage) and flash fry.
Cook some noodles (why not try low-carb cauliflower noodles?), douse in a Thai coconut sauce and dig in.

Feeling adventurous? Combine the veggies and noodles, wrap them in rice paper rolls and dip into the ready-made sauce. It’s that easy.

Serving suggestion

Prepare Woolworths Easy to Wok noodles and julienne stir-fry vegetables according to package instructions.
Wrap in Asian rice paper rolls and serve with prawns and the readymade Thai coconut stir-fry sauce, mixed with a little coconut milk or cream to make a dipping sauce.
Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and pink peppercorns.

Discover more at woolworths.co.za


Article by TASTE

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