Meet the melting cheese pots from Woolies

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The new melting pots from Woolworths are the bee’s knees – delicious, creamy, and just what you need for a quick snack or for when last-minute guests arrive …


Say hello to your latest favourite winter snacking and entertaining solution: Woolworths’ new cheese pots. Available in three delicious flavours (smoked Cheddar and chorizo, tomato and herb, and Brie and plum) they’re perfect for dunking fresh veggies or chunks of bread – kind of like an instant fondue. They can also be used as a flavourful cheese sauce for oven-grilled vegetables, steamed cauliflower, pasta, or even a satisfying schnitzel or steak. Keep a few in your fridge for when you need a bit of extra indulgence.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Enjoy Woolworths’ new melting pots with chunks of toasted ciabatta, crisp fresh vegetables, breadsticks wrapped with pancetta, roasted vine tomatoes, sliced chorizo, and assorted crackers or tortillas for dipping. For an instant and super-satisfying pizza, pour the melted Brie-and-plum pot over oven-baked flatbreads topped with grilled plums.

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