Your 10 favourite recipes in March 2023

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Your 10 favourite recipes in March 2023

Want to know what the TASTE community was making last month? Well as it turns out, a lot of you were baking! That’s not all, you were also interested in speedy dinners, great value recipes and a lekker treat. Here are the top 10 recipes for March.

10. Coconut laksa chicken noodles

One of our new favourite ingredients is Woolies’ fresh pastes.  Contributing food editor Hannah Lewry used the laksa paste to make this quick coconut laksa with chicken noodles. It’s ready in just 25 minutes – perfect for a looming loadshedding slot. Many of you shared how you would use the paste on our social media platforms, and one TASTE community member even shared pics of their recreation of this dish.

Find the recipe for coconut laksa chicken noodles here. 

9. Corn fritter salad

Regardless of the time of year, budget is always top of mind. That’s why recipes from our Everyday Wlist great value hub continue to be popular. In March the most popular recipe from the hub was this corn fritter salad. The corn fritters can be enjoyed as is, put into lunchboxes, or served in this colourful salad.

Corn fritter salad

Find the recipe for corn fritter salad here. 

Check out the Everyday Wlist great value hub here. 

8. The world’s best slap chips

Deputy food editor Khanya Mzongwana claimed that these are the best slap chips in the world and you flocked to the recipe to see whether she was right. So far there have been no naysayers! Her secret is starting the chips in cold oil to ensure they cook slowly and crisp up beautifully on the outside.

The world’s best slap chips

Find the recipe for the world’s best slap chips here.

7. Chocolate fudge cake with malted buttercream

If there is one thing you love it’s chocolate cake! This cake by MasterChef Australia winner Emelia Jackson was posted late in March, but shot its way up to the top 10. The recipe is an extract from Emelia’s book First, Cream the Butter and Sugar.

chocolate fudge cake with malted buttercream

Find the recipe for chocolate fudge cake with malted buttercream here.

Want more cake? Check our cake recipe collection 

6. Sweetcorn cake

This month, we’ve hosted Khanya Mzongwana’s baking course for beginners in our newsletter. The second recipe was this sweetcorn cake. She took her flop-proof basic cake recipe and elevated it by adding cream-style corn into the mix. You can get creative and transform the plain vanilla sponge from the recipe into your own custom-flavoured cake.

Sweetcorn cake

Find the recipe for sweetcorn cake here.

5. Fatima Sydow’s milk tart

Two things we love: milktart and South African TV cook Fatima Sydow. Put the two together and you get the 5th most popular recipe for March 2023!

Fatima Sydow milk tart

Find the recipe for Fatima Sydow’s milk tart here. 

Find more South African recipes here. 

4. Steak-and-mashed potato pies

Cheese, potatoes and pastry, we totally get why you love this one. TASTEtube host Saadiyah Hendricks, created this recipe for Ramadan but it caught the attention of the whole TASTE community. The video has 99.2 K views and 2 681 likes on Instagram alone!

Steak-and-mashed potato cups

Find the recipe for steak-and-mashed potato pies here.

Need more Ramadan recipes? Check out our Ramadan recipe collection. 

3. No-churn granadilla ice cream

All you need is five ingredients to make this ice cream and (thankfully) no special equipment is required! If granadilla is not your thing, you can swap it out for chocolate chips, cocoa powder, or swirl it with caramel crunch sauce – the possibilities are endless! It’s another of Khanya’s recipes from our newsletter baking class. (Psst: if you’re not yet a subscriber, you can sign up here.)

No-churn granadilla ice cream

Find the recipe for no-churn granadilla ice cream here. 

2. Oat crunchies

This is the third recipe from Khanya’s baking class to feature on this list! Like the cake and ice cream, this recipe is also easy to customise and makes for the perfect lunchbox or tea-time treat.

Oatie crunchies

Find the recipe for oatie crunchies here. 

1. Home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish

If there is one thing we know to be true, it’s that every year you click on this recipe in droves ahead of Easter. We haven’t shared this on our homepage, social media channels or in our newsletter (yet), but it’s still the most popular recipe for the month. We’re so happy you love making this pickled fish recipe every year! It really is the bomb!

Find the recipe for home-made Cape Malay-style pickled fish here.

Find more Easter recipes here. 

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