Your 10 favourite TASTE recipes in July 2023

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Your 10 favourite TASTE recipes in July 2023

Want to know what the TASTE community was cooking in July? We’re rounded up the 10 ten recipes of the month and hearty, comforting dishes were the what you craved. From pasta and pap to bredie and a seafood boil, here’s your favourite recipes from July.

10. Dad’s oxtail

We love family recipes at TASTE. They’re tried, tested and full of love and nostalgia. So it makes total sense that when looking for a lekker oxtail recipe, you’d opt for dad’s one. This recipe is slow-cooked to perfection. And like all oxtail recipes it’s even better the next day!

Dad's oxtail

Find the recipe for dad’s oxtail here. 

9. Tripe (mala mogodu/ulusu)

Tripe is one of those dishes you love or hate. But if you love it, clearly this recipe is a winner. It’s an extract from Lucia Mthiyane’s cookbook Kitchen Queen. It’s another slow-cook recipe, but is totally worth the wait, especially on a chilly day!

tripe mala mogodu ulusu

Find the recipe for Tripe (Mala mogodu/ulusu) here. 

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8. Seafood boil

We posted this recipe as part of our seafood Friday food fight on Instagram, and it clearly got you all excited! We get it: it’s saucy, buttery and full of delicious ingredients including mussels, prawns, potatoes and corn. Plus, this version is made by Mogau Seshoene, a.k.a. The Lazy Makoti, so you know it will deliver when it comes to easy cooking filled with flavour.


Find the recipe for seafood boil here.

7. Vegetable curry with pap

We posted a video of Keletso Motau explaining how to make pap from this recipe on our social channels and it went viral. Many said they appreciated the lesson or endorsed his cooking methods and tips. Others shared their ways of making pap and what they call it in their home towns and countries. It’s a great example of how the simplest dish can carry so much meaning and nostalgia for a community of people. Naturally, that community flocked to the recipe, which includes an awesome veg curry recipe to serve with the pap.

Vegetable curry with pap

Find the recipe for vegetable curry with pap here.

6. All-Bran rusks

Heres another recipe that was made popular through a Friday food fight! We have serval rusk recipes on the site, but you seem to love Elsabe Cronje’s All-Bran rusk recipe best. It has oats, nuts and All-Bran wheat flakes (obviously), but you can also swap out the All-Bran for museli if you like.

all-bran rusks

Find the recipe for All-bran rusks here.

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5. Classic alfredo pasta

Like family recipes, classic recipes are always a winner. They’ve stood the test of time and continue to be favourites. This creamy alfredo pasta by Jacqueline Burgess is definitely a classic that’s ideal for winter. Plus, it’s ready in just 25 minutes.


Find the recipe for classic alfredo pasta here.

4. Puttanesca roast cabbage

Khanya Mzongwana’s love of cabbage has resulted in some epic recipes, but none as bougie as this puttanesca roast cabbage! It has all the flavours of classic puttanesca, and is best served with creamy mashed potatoes. This recipe will make you fall in love with cabbage too!

Puttanesca roast cabbage

Find the recipe for puttanesca roast cabbage here. 

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3. Classic Cremora tart

In the times of loadshedding, no-bake desserts are king. And this Cremora tart by Bianca Strydom is tops! Sure, you do need to let it set in the fridge, but if you keep that door closed when the power is out you should be good to go.

Classic Cremora tart

Find the recipe for Classic Cremora tart here.

2. Baked ClemenGold sago pudding

While the Cremora tart is awesome, a warm baked pudding is the best in winter. This is probably why Keletso’s  baked ClemenGold sago pudding out anked it to grab the number 2 spot. You only need 6 ingredients to make it (5 if you do a classic version and omit the ClemenGolds) and you’ve got a warming pudding the family will enjoy.


Find the recipe for Baked ClemenGold sago pudding here. 

1. Boerewors bredie with creamy mash

Clement Pedro’s boerewors bredie hits all the right notes. It’s hearty, has lekker South African flavours and it works out to under R50 per serving! This recipe is part of our Wlist Great Value Hub’s dinner recipes, where you can get your hands on more budget-friendly meals that don’t compromise on flavour.

Boerewors Bredie

Find the recipe for boerewors bredie with creamy mash here. 

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