3 showstopping ways with cream cheese

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3 showstopping ways with cream cheese

What would canapés be without cream cheese? Whether you are hosting a cocktail party, in need of a starter for a dinner date, or want to whip up a quick snack, here are three easy ways to make cream cheese your go-to ingredient.

Brought to you by Kiri Cheese

There are so many ways you can create moreish canapés, snacks, starters, or light meals using this soft, mild-tasting fresh cheese made from milk and cream. Here are just three of our favourites:

Go light and fresh

Simply spread Kiri cheese on crisp bread. Top with cucumber and salmon ribbons and garnish with a few caper berries.

Go sweet and crunchy

Dollop green fig preserve onto a block of cream cheese and sprinkle with chopped almonds. This is best served on slices of fresh baguette.

Go savoury and tangy

Layer slices of pickled onions, cocktail gherkins and earthy radishes and halved spicy pepperdews above a layer of cream cheese. Serve on your favourite kind of seed crackers.

About Kiri Cheese

The first cheese crafted specifically for children, Kiri® holds a special place in the lives of budding gourmets. Kiri® is something discovered in childhood and often loved long afterwards.

Consumers everywhere like to eat Kiri® their way. In Japan, strawberry flavored Kiri® is popular among adults. In Lebanon, Kiri® is eaten in jars in the Labneh style and has a more savory taste. In the Middle East, Kiri® has a more buttery consistency, and is packaged in jars to make the cheese easier to spread at breakfast time.

Read more about Kiri® here

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