5 tips for a decluttered and organised kitchen

By TASTE, 11 January 2023

Want to spruce up your kitchen this year? Neat and tidy is the name of the game. A minimalist kitchen that’s expertly organised can make all the difference. We’ve rounded up simple decluttering tips and organising hacks that will give your kitchen the ‘Pinterest minimalist kitchen’ aesthetic while making sure nothing is out of place or messy again!

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We know that decluttering and organising can be overwhelming, but there are foolproof tips to follow to make this process as easy as possible. The simpler the tips, the easier it will be to keep your kitchen tidy throughout the year! Once everything is spotless and tidy, display your pantry ingredients in Woolworths’ sleek, functional storage containers. They're the perfect items for anyone dreaming of a minimalist kitchen.

1. Start small

You may be tempted to empty out all your cupboards and defrost the fridge, but taking it one space at a time is the best strategy. You’ll be less overwhelmed and the kitchen and other areas in your home won’t be overflowing with pots, pans, containers and expired ingredients. Once one space is organised, give it a quick wipe down and move on to the next.

2. Time to let go

Are there any containers missing lids? Old appliances you’ve been planning to get repaired? Baking dishes with cracks and leaks? It may be time to let these pieces go. They’ve been at the back of the cupboard for months (maybe even years). Donate these items to your local charity or sell them to willing buyers online. They’ll find a home where they’ll be frequently used or turned into a preschool art project – either way, they’re weighing you down and taking up space.

3. Countertop 101

For the ultimate decluttered kitchen, avoid cluttering your countertops. Stick to appliances and kitchen gadgets you use daily or larger items you use frequently.

4. Group things together

This creates a more cohesive look in your kitchen. Keep containers, mixing bowls and jars together, and pots, pans and roasting trays grouped together. This method also helps you find things faster. For an even more professionally styled look, keep things like style and colour in mind when purchasing your kitchen items. This is visually appealing while ensuring a tidy space.

5. Storage solutions

Stackable storage containers help keep things easily accessible. Unlike storing pantry items in their packaging where they risk spilling, decanting your ingredients into Woolworths’ transparent, Tritan stackable and airtight plastic storage containers give your kitchen a clean and cohesive aesthetic.

The clear design allows you to find things quicker and with ease. We love storing dry baking ingredients like flour and sugar in large glass containers with wooden seals.

For leftovers and meal prep, the airtight rectangular plastic storage set is perfect! The lids have an airtight seal that keep out moisture to ensure your food stays fresher for longer. For leaves and herbs, we recommend lining the container with paper towel to avoid any wilting and browning.

The Tritan stackable range is available in 850ml, 1.9L, 2.8L and 3.8L sizes. You can store a wide range of items in these space-saving containers – from dry pasta in your pantry to breakfast on the go. They’re dishwasher-safe and can be re-used hundreds of times. These storage containers do not absorb stains and odours – if you love dishes with beetroot or turmeric, these are a must!

Style meets practicality with Woolworths’ simple storage containers. For the chicest pantry display, complete the set with matching small, medium and large sizes. They’re made of ultra-thin Tritan plastic that keeps food fresher for longer and have easy-lock clips. Plus, the transparent designs make finding ingredients easy.

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