7 ways to upgrade your work lunch

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Back to work, back to reality. Perk-up your desk lunch with these tips.


1. Wholewheat
Wholewheats like bulgur digest slower, and keep you energised and fuller for longer. Go the classic route with a wholewheat sarmie with their favourite filling or a bulgur salad with feta and sundried tomato pesto.

2. Protein
Another source of energy, protein comes in many forms, from legumes and seeds to meat, fish and eggs. Try a small BBQ chicken kebab or hard-boiled egg with two slices of ham for a protein boost.

3. Vegetables
Full of vitamins, minerals and fibre, you can’t go wrong with a few crunchy veg in your lunchbox. A handful of raw baby cucumbers, baby carrots or sugar snap peas will keep you happily crunching away.

4. Fruit
The best kind of sweet treat there is, a piece of fresh fruit (nectarines and berries are both great seasonal choices) or a small serving of chopped fruit contributes vitamins and fibre to your diet. Just keep the portions small!

5. Dairy
A dairy component is always a good idea, whether it’s a piece of cheese on a sandwich, a low-fat drinking yoghurt snack, or even a tub of plain yoghurt to have with the piece of fruit.

6. A snack
It doesn’t have to be full of sugar or salt to feel like a treat, you know. Try mini seed crackers with a portion of peanut or almond butter, or a handful of crunchy kale chips for a low-GI savoury snack.

7. Hydration
Make sure you don’t get dehydrated by always packing a bottle of water with your lunch. As a treat, alternate with small bottles of fruit or fruit-and-veg juice, and flavoured sparkling water.

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