Best of the zest: 10 winter citrus recipes

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Best of the zest: 10 winter citrus recipes

If the chilly weather is getting you down, why not lift your spirits with bright, juicy, vitamin C-packed citrus? Not only are they nutritious (and delicious on their own), but they also add a tantalising tang to a myriad dishes. We round up some of our favourite belly-warming, citrusy recipes to keep the winter blues at bay.

Citrus-roasted leg of lamb with caramelised orange
Planning a fancy dinner or treating your family to a meaty feast? Try this roast leg of lamb seasoned with citrus and caramelised orange. They’ll be begging for seconds.

Citrusy bread-and-butter pudding with Italian meringue
Simple bread-and-butter puds are a classic winter favourite, but if you want to take it up a notch, ClemenGolds are just the thing to add a citrusy twist. To wow your guests even further, top with gorgeous Italian meringue.

Fennel-and-orange roast chicken with sweet potato crisps
Fennel and orange infused in a simple roast chicken creates an explosion of flavour. For some crunch, serve with sweet potato crisps.

Spiced citrus, star anise and cardamom pancake stack
The vibrant flavours of spicy star anise, cardamom and cinnamon paired with citrus are devlishly delicious in these pancakes. Best served with a generous helping of cream or ice cream (even in winter, yes).

Bacon-wrapped green vegetable bouquets with citrus Gorgonzola sauce
Greens wrapped in crispy bacon rashers are mouthwateringly delicious generously drizzled with this lightly spiced, citrusy Gorgonzola sauce.

Ricotta fritters
These glorious cheesy fritters can be whipped up within 40 minutes – combining the beautiful flavours of ginger, lemon and ricotta. Great with shavings of dark chocolate and garnished with orange zest.

Clementine and lemon sorbet with balsamic cream
Who says you can’t have sorbet in this weather? A scoop of this citrusy goodness is bound to change your mind. It’s packed with juicy clementines and topped with a sweet-tart balsamic cream that will instantly melt away your doubts.

Zesty home-made doughnuts with orange drizzle
Doughnuts are a treat to be savoured year-round and seeing as though it’s citrus season, why not add some zest? Double the dose of vitamin C by infusing citrus into the dough and adorning them with orange drizzle.

Mandarin and Oriental spiced Peking duck
Citrus also plays well with duck; especially combined with cinnamon, bay leaves, mandarins, mustard, ginger and star anise. It will require some patience, but as soon as you bite into this delicious duck, you’ll realise it’s worth the wait.

Baked pork chops with orange-olive paste
Citrus is great with most types of meat – as in these pork chops smothered in a flavour-packed, orange-infused olive paste. Serve with sautéed potatoes and broccoli.

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