Sponsored: 5 carrot recipes for every occasion

By TASTE, 17 August 2016

Sweet, crunchy and beautiful to behold, here’s why this root veg needs to make it on to your menu

Pan fried, roasted, steamed, boiled, sauted or enjoyed fresh and raw in juices, salads and snack packs – the carrot is one versatile veg. From whole and in bulk, to baby or organic, to washed, peeled and ready to cook in the prepared range, whatever you’re making, Woolworths big range of sweet, fresh carrots has the type for you. Look out for the vibrant rainbow carrots and rainbow carrot spaghetti, exclusive to Woolies.

Try these 5 perfect ways to showcase carrots:
1. The perfect side: Roast carrots in tamarind dressing with yoghurt
2. The perfect starter: Easy tempura carrot slivers and soya sauce
3. The perfect snack: Carrot fritters with yoghurt dip
4. The perfect salad: Shiso ponzu dressed carrot salad
5. The perfect sweet treat: carrot cake


For more carrot recipe inspiration, click here.


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