SPONSORED: Dr. Hauschka’s flower-powered skincare

By TASTE, 3 September 2021

The incredible power of plants has been the essence of Dr. Hauschka’s cosmetics for over 50 years and they’re adding to the range with the addition of three new lightweight moisturisers.


Discover the power of botanical extracts behind Dr. Hauschka's new Day Lotions. Introducing three new lightweight moisturisers just right for you.  Rose, Anthills and apricot unfold their balancing, calming and activating effects in these silky-smooth lotions.  All three are expertly formulated and provide long-lasting moisture and protect the skin all day long.

Soothing Day Lotion

Calms and strengthens sensitive skin prone to redness and enlarged capillaries. Includes dog rose to provide the skin with long-lasting nourishment and support, lady’s mantle to impart strengthening care to help improve the overall appearance of your complexion, and cocoa butter, adding an extra dose of hydration, the rich extract gently cools the skin leaving it feeling smooth and supple.

Balancing Day Lotion

Brings harmony to combination skin, regulating oily areas and evening out blemishes. Featuring Anthyllis flowers to harmonise and calm unsettled, blemished skin that may experience an oily T-zone; field horsetail - rich in natural antioxidants and provides powerful firming and strengthening care; and nasturtium, naturally high in vitamin C and offers rapid anti-inflammatory care for acne-prone skin.

Revitalising Day Lotion

Revives and rejuvenates tired, dehydrated skin using their signature Revitalising Day Cream formulation. This includes apricot's soothing properties help to improve hydration, leaving the skin properly moisturised and soft to the touch; carrot extract, which is packed full of vitamins, including vitamin A, to help revive and nourish the skin; and St John’s Wort - a natural radiance enhancer, the oil extract has a combination of soothing, regenerating and strengthening effects on the complexion.

Pioneers of natural cosmetics.

Dr. Hauschka is a premium and pioneering international cosmetics brand, which has been producing genuine, 100% effective natural and organic cosmetics for over 50 years.  The skincare concept is based entirely on nature and takes into account the natural rhythm of nature and skin.

For us, natural skincare has been on-trend since 1967.

Dr. Hauschka products have been awarded the NATRUE seal as certified natural cosmetics. Free from synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives, silicones, PEGs and mineral oils – and take into account the natural rhythm of nature and the skin. The raw materials are meticulously selected and grow in biodynamic quality and harvested in the early hours of the morning so that they retain their full natural strengths. For Dr. Hauschka natural cosmetics are not a trend but a tradition that has lasted for decades. Dr. Hauschka makes cosmetics for people and skin conditions, not for genders.  So when we recommend one of our products, we’re only looking at your skin, not your gender. And has been our approach since 1967.



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