These cookie recipes are a little extra – but we’re here for it

By TASTE, 11 April 2022

If you think cookies are only good for dunking into tea, think again. While we’ll always have time for a tea-and-biccie break, these sandwiched cookies are more versatile than you realise and we’re showing you what you can use them for.


If there’s one thing we really can’t resist, it’s a good biscuit. But who says they have to be confined to tea time? We’re shaking things up with Woolies’ new range of delicious sandwich cookies and showing you two new ways to let those biscuits shine.

Cheat's chocolate-and-hazelnut cookie cake

Have you been put in charge of a loved one’s birthday cake? This recipe is the definition of boxing clever thanks to Woolies’ hazelnut and chocolate cookie varieties.

Get the recipe for cheat's chocolate-and-hazelnut cookie cake here.

Lemon meringue milkshake

Inspired by the whipped lemonade trend doing the rounds on TikTok, this milkshake gets a boost of lemony flavour and texture thanks to the addition of lemon cookies.

Get the recipe for lemon meringue milkshake here.

Whether you’re dunking them or using them in baking, Woolies’ sandwich cookies deserve a spot in your pantry. Choose from hazelnut, with a creamy vanilla filling, zesty lemon with a lemon-flavoured centre, or chocolate made with sustainable cocoa and a vanilla cream. Or take all three home.

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