The 6 rules of Christmas Day

By TASTE, 22 December 2017

This do’s and don’ts to make this your most stress-free Christmas yet.

1. Digital detox

No cellphones for the duration of the meal (but you may Instagram your fingers raw before and after - don't forget to tag us at @wwtaste!). The first person to break the rule will be locked in the spare room with Mariah Carey Does Christmas at full volume.

2. Focus on the family

No TV while you’re eating – it doesn’t matter if they’re showing re-runs of your favourite Christmas movies Don't. Turn. It. On.

3. Too many cooks...

Stay out of the kitchen unless you are the cook or you’ve been asked to help. (But if you pick your moment, you could sneak a piece of crackling when no one’s looking.

4. Take it out a notch

Subtle loosening of belts followed by casual stretching out on the couches or the lawn is essential after the meal – your hosts will take it as a compliment. And if you are the host, you deserve it.

5. Make (more) space

Create fridge space by packing some leftovers into containers for people to take home. (Handing a rowdy uncle a Tupperware is also a good exit cue). Alternatively, show those leftovers some love with these ideas.

6. But first, digest

Help clear the table but no washing of dishes until after dessert has settled.

Have you best Christmas ever with these top tips.


Article by TASTE

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    Elsabe Pitout
    4 July 2020

    Could you please direct me to a Gluten free recipe for Christmas cookies like the one featuring above – the ones that you can hang on your Christmas tree. Please. Why now? you may ask. Well, we are having a Christmas in July at the end of July and I would like to make this contribution towards that special day. It must be a super easy recipe, ’cause I am not the handy type in the kitchen. Thank you.