9 easy smoothie recipes to kick-start your day

By Melissa Scheepers, 18 October 2017

Fantasising about a breakfast that’s wholesome, delicious, exciting and portable? We’ve got just the thing. Get out the blender, it’s time to make smoothies!

Smoothies are perfect for reluctant breakfast eaters and fruit-eaters. And they're absolutely perfect for those trying to achieve their five-a-day quota of fresh fruit. A well-balanced smoothie will satisfy your nutrient needs.


Keep your ingredients fresh, natural and unprocessed and add a little fibre to your diet by blending some fruit in its skin. It’s always good to have a few classic smoothie recipes on hand when you’re short on time. Try banana, pineapple and coconut milk, or apple, kiwi and mint.
Keep things exciting by using fruit you wouldn’t usually eat, or mix and match lots of different fruits and veg. Try beetroot, apple, cucumber and coconut milk, and add a little ginger if you like a little heat.


Add seeds, granola or rolled oats for a little crunch to your portable breakfast. Try sunflower, chia or pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, brown linseeds and poppy seeds. Find out more about our favourite seedy pantry staples here.

Not into dairy?
Try soya milk, coconut milk, rice milk are ideal non-dairy substitutes and, of course, ice.

Not into eating on the move?
The smoothie bowl is for you. Simply pour your smoothie into a pretty bowl, generously top with a sprinkling of your favourite seeds (think chia, sunflower or flaxseeds), a few slices of fresh fruit and an artistic drizzle of honey or nut butter.

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Melissa Scheepers

Article by Melissa Scheepers

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