Hack attack: Asian ingredient substitions

By TASTE, 20 July 2016

Run out of coconut milk? Given up on finding black beans? Don’t despair, just use these easy substitutions

BAMBOO SHOOTS: Use the sliced core of a white cabbage.

BLACK BEANS: Cook soya beans until soft and season with lots of soya sauce.

COCONUT MILK: Soak desiccated coconut in warm milk for 30 minutes, then strain. Save the coconut and use to make muffins or pancakes.

SHRIMP PASTE: Use anchovy paste or mashed anchovies.

LEMONGRASS: The zest of ½ lemon can be substituted for 1 lemongrass stalk.

MIRIN: Substitute sweet sherry.

PALM SUGAR: Dark brown Demerara sugar will have a similar result.

TAMARIND: Dilute molasses with fresh lime juice in equal proportions.

Fancy Asian cuisine? Keep these Asian staples in your pantry to whip up a dish without any problem.


Article by TASTE

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