Know your flatbread

By TASTE, 30 June 2017

Go flat out and forget the knives and forks, folks – eating these flatbreads is a totally hands-on affair.

Flatbreads are made with flour, water and salt, rolled into a flat dough, sometimes flavoured with curry powder, chilli or other spices. A variety of oils can also be added and flatbreads may be leavened or unleavened – made with or without yeast.


Gözleme: This is a traditional Anatolian flatbread made of hand-rolled leaves of yufka (unleavened flatbread) dough brushed with butter and eggs. It’s filled with various toppings, sealed and cooked over a griddle.

Injera: An Ethiopian bread made with teff flour. It’s similar to a pancake or a crumpet and torn and used to scoop up stews (wats) and vegetable dishes.

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Tortilla: This traditional Mexican flatbread is made with maize or wheat flour and cooked on a griddle. It’s mainly used as a wrap.

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English muffin: A traditional English flatbread consisting of a thick disc of dough that is pan-fried. It can be savoury or sweet.

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Naan: Yoghurt enriches this Indian flatbread, which is baked in a tandoor and served with curries.

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Sangak: An Iranian flatbread made from wholewheat flour and baked on a bed of small river stones or pebbles in an oven.

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