#MeatfreeMonday, but every day of the week

By TASTE, 23 August 2018

Plant-based eating just got a little easier – and a lot more delicious!


There's so much more to plant-based eating than simple salads and veggie crudités. Try three of our favourite vegetarian recipes and get ready to embrace plant-based eating, any day of the week!

Vegan bunny chow

vegan bunny chow
A half loaf of bread oozing a rich, spicy, vegan filling? What's not to love! This vegan bunny chow was created by Lapo Magni for The Climate Diet - a global sustainable food initiative, with a goal of creating delicious dishes that battle the effects of climate change.
Get the recipe here.

Handmade beetroot tagliatelle with Cape Malay burnt butter

Isn't she lovely? This perfect pink pasta will no doubt be a talking piece at your next soirée.

Get the recipe here.

Turkish red lentil soup

This soup is smooth and lemony with a bit of a bite thanks to the paprika and red pepper. It's comforting and filling – one of our favourite winter warmers.
Get the recipe here


If you don't have time to come up with creative vegetarian and vegan dishes yourself, fret not! Woolies has done all the hard work for you. Their new plant-based range stars a variety of grains, legumes and pulses, and includes everything you need to start making the move to choosing food that cares.

The vegan range

- Get your heat on with the vegetable green curry: broccoli and roasted aubergine smothered in a fragrant, creamy green curry sauce and served on a bed of jasmine rice.

- Move over falalels! Pea-lafels are a mix of bulgur wheat and couscous, served with roasted Mediterranean veg and Moroccan spice drizzle.

- If you're craving a bolognese but don't want the mince, the butternut-and-lentil layered bake will tick all the right boxes. A rich lentil bolognese is layered between sheets of butternut, and topped with a crunchy seed mix.

The vegetarian range

- Fancy a risotto that's a little less stirring and a lot more plant-based? Try the deliciously creamy barley risotto. It's topped with nutty, roasted pumpkin and will be ready in a matter of minutes!

- Hello, veggie bangers! Just when you thought the plant-based range couldn't get any better, the lentil-and-mushroom sausages with caulimash make an appearance. Served on a bed of creamy caulimash with a sweet onion gravy and steamed butternut, these veggie sausages are the real deal!

- It's an old favourite with an excellent upgrade: halloumi cheese served on a bed of lentil and chickpeas, cooked in a tangy tomato sauce. It's the perfect work-week lunch!

Look out for this icon in store to find what you need for your plant-based lifestyle:

Discover more at woolworths.co.za


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