Newsflash: pork is perfect for the grill

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Newsflash: pork is perfect for the grill

Chocful of flavour and so juicy, you can’t go wrong with adding some pork to your braai. Add some local-is-lekker bites like grilled corn or samp, and you’re on your way to a proper South African feast.


This spring, broaden your braai horizons by adding delicious fresh pork to the grill. Choose any braai cut or make the Saratoga pork  – it’s as much a part of our heritage as all those braai sides you love: mielies, potato salad, samp and beans and roosterkoek. Go on, get your grill on.

Serving suggestions:
Pork rashers on the braai: Bring pork rashers to room temperature for more succulence before braaiing. Season with salt, pepper and your favourite braai spice while cooking. Braai for 6–8 minutes over hot coals, turning every 2 minutes. Move them further away from intense heat and braai until crispy, taking care not to overcook. Serve with mielies and grilled leeks or roosterkoek.

Saratoga pork chops with samp and apple compte: Remove the skin and bone from the pork chops. Shape the medallions into rounds, wrap a rasher of streaky bacon around the outside and secure with a skewer. Season with salt, pepper andbraai spice and braai over medium hot coals, using a rosemary sprig to baste with olive oil and lime juice. Serve with samp and beans and an apple compote. To make the compote, peel, core and roughly chop 2–3 apples. Stew slowly with 2 t sugar, 1 T dry sherry and a pinch of allspice. When soft, use a potato masher to blend but retain some chunkiness for texture.

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