Our secret to cooking umleqwa in 20 minutes

By TASTE, 21 June 2000

There’s no need to wait for a special occasion or travel back home to have umleqwa. Woolworths has added umleqwa to its range of chicken convenience meals. No more waiting for hours, umleqwa is ready to serve in 20 minutes!

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There’s something about cold weather that makes you crave the hearty meals you ate growing up. And Woolworths is on a mission to bring you all the nostalgic local dishes and flavours your heart desires. Umleqwa, or hard-body, is a tougher chicken, which means it’s usually slow-cooked for hours to result in tender meat. Woolies’ umleqwa is cooked and seasoned simply and you can get it on the table in 20 minutes. Serve it with steamed bread, pap or samp and beans. Just like your mom or gogo made it – you just cut a few corners.

If you want to impart more flavour, make a spicy broth using curry powder, paprika and mixed herbs, then add the umleqwa. Serve alongside braised cabbage and creamy samp and beans to balance out the heat. You can create any base for the umleqwa, it's seasoned with salt and pepper, which gives you the freedom to add your favourite herbs and spices.

Get the recipe for curried umleqwa here.

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Photography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail and Jan Ras
Production: Brita du Plessis and Abigail Donnelly
Food Assistants: Josh van Zyl and Cheri Kustner

Woolworths Easy Meals allow you to enjoy all your favourite comfort meals without the hassle. Follow the easy instructions to tuck into poultry classics such as confit duck legs and chicken stew, and winter warmers including duck casserole with beans and sundried tomatoes, and harissa chicken casserole. 

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