Plant-based substitutes

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Plant-based substitutes

Going plant-based doesn’t mean giving up your favourite foods. Try our plant-based substitutions for a few of your favourite recipes.

Scrambled egg: Coloured with turmeric and cumin, tofu scramble might not quite replicate the flavour of egg – but it sure is tasty!
Try: tofu scramble

Bolognese: Get meaty flavour from shiitake mushrooms and crumbly texture from chopped cauliflower.

Meringue: Replace the egg whites with aquafaba – or chickpea liquid.
Try: vegan meringue mess cake

Read more about aquafaba here.

Pies: Made using vegetable or olive oil instead of butter, phyllo pastry is the answer if you have a pie-shaped craving.

Muffins: Replace an egg in a baking recipe by combining 1 T ground flaxseeds with 3 T water per egg.
Try: vegan berry muffins.

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French toast: Soak bread in a mixture of chickpea flour, soya milk, salt and nutritional yeast. Fry and top with lashings of maple syrup, cinnamon and whipped coconut cream.
Browse our French toast recipes here.

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