Quick and healthy (-ish) lunch ideas for kids

By TASTE, 21 April 2020

Move over WFH… with school from home now in full swing, you need quick and healthy meals to keep kids fuelled to get through their schoolwork. With a bit of prep, you can stock the fridge and freezer with ready-to-grab options. Better yet, why not get them to pack their own lunchbox before the day starts, and give them a designated snack time?

Chickpea falafel

Stash falafel in the freezer for a quick bite when hunger strikes. Stuff into pitas with slices of avo, tomato and lettuce.

Get the recipe here.

Ham-and-cheese omelette roll

Make Siba’s omelette roll in the morning, slice and keep in the fridge for a handy mid-morning snack or a quick lunch.

Fish-and-feta cakes

Thawed frozen fish will work just as well for this take on fish cakes. Add sliced fresh veggies on the side for a complete meal.
Get the recipe here.

Swedish 'Ikea' meatballs

Meatballs are a crowd favourite. If you don’t have breadcrumbs, crush up a few crackers and use instead. Pop the meatballs into a lunch box, or serve with pasta or rice and sauce for dinner.
Get the recipe here.

Siba's lunchbox-friendly fishcakes

Transform cans of tuna into these clever fish cakes that use butternut instead of mashed potato. Any breadcrumbs will work if you can’t get panko, or you could even use ground almonds.

Lettuce wraps with smoked trout and avocado

Take just 10 minutes to prepare these wraps for a brain-boosting lunch. Leave out the sesame seeds and pickled ginger for younger palates.
Get the recipe here.

Everyday egg frittatas

These are great to make in bulk as they freeze really well – simply defrost the night before in the fridge, or pop into the microwave. Make in a muffin pan for perfect kid-sized portions.


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