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Charred figs and Mascarpone

10 minutes
10 minutes
Wine/Spirit Pairing
Kanu Kia-Ora Noble Late Harvest 2005

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  • 1 Madeira cake loaf
  • 4 fresh fig
  • 3 T verjuice
  • 4 T brandy
  • 4 brown sugar lumps
  • mascarpone, to serve

Place four pieces of baking paper on four sheets of tinfoil (reflective side up).

Put a slice of Madeira cake on each and top with a fig. Cut a cross in the crown of each fig and gently squeeze the base to expose the flesh inside.

Place one sugar lump in the centre of each fig and drizzle over the verjuice and brandy.

Wrap up to create four parcels and place on the coals for 5 minutes or until soft and steaming.

Serve with a dollop of mascarpone.

Cook's note: Smouldering coals at the end of a braai just beg for this delicious fig-based dessert.


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