Spread the news about these plant-based spreads

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Spread the news about these plant-based spreads

There are a couple of new spreads in town and the big news is that they are fully plant-based! Which makes them absolutely perfect for your next sarmie.


In the mood for a sarmie? There are a couple of new spreads in town, and they’re just what you need on your plant-based journey. New macadamia oil spread and avocado oil spread from Woolies are the perfect margarine or butter replacements for vegans.

They’re made with wholly plant-based ingredients and from real macadamia and avocado oil. They melt easily, contain no added preservatives and have a subtle macadamia and avocado flavour. The macadamia oil spread will work like a charm with your favourite preserve, while the avocado oil spread will form the perfect base for plant-based cheese or meat. Start spreading!

Keen to learn more about the plant-based journey? We’ve got loads of delicious vegan recipes on the site, including some delectable vegan berry muffins which would go down a treat with any of these spreads …
Discover more here.

Find out more about these plant-based spreads at Woolworths.

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