This stuffed, crumbed and deep-fried mushroom burger is the business

By TASTE, 16 May 2022

When well-executed, there’s no reason why a mushroom burger can’t be every bit as indulgent and satisfying as your favourite beef burger, and this fantastic version ticks all the boxes.


All hail mushroom season! Yes indeed, autumn is high mushroom season and we are very happy to see this veggie back in action. We’re planning to use it in sauces, in pasta, on pizzas, in casseroles (hello, coq au vin!) and of course, as the hero ingredient in a whopping great mushroom burger.

Now, as you may know, not all mushroom burgers were created equal. We’re not pointing any fingers here, but we’ve all had a run-in with a soggy mushroom patty, weeping silently into your bun. No such thing here. We have stuffed our mushroom patty with a herbed cheese mixture. We have coated it in panko crumbs. And we have deep-fried it to perfection until it is all crunchy and golden-delicious. Not to mention all the other lovely titbits we’ve added to the burger itself – think hummus, Gouda, and pickled onions, to name but a few.

Intrigued? Then you need to try our ultimate mushroom burger right away!

The ultimate crumbed and stuffed mushroom burger deconstructed

Find the recipe for the ultimate crumbed and stuffed mushroom burger here. 

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woolworths mushrooms punnets

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