2 genius ways with anchovies

By TASTE, 29 April 2022

Don’t underestimate these slender, salty fish. They pack a punch! We’re using Woolies anchovies in all kinds of delicious ways.

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If you’re unfamiliar with cooking with anchovies, here’s what you need to know: these tiny, salty fish add a wonderful depth of flavour and savouriness to your dishes. Don’t fret, you can barely taste the fishy flavour. Instead, these little secret weapons add some oomph to any meal.

Here are 2 quick recipes to get you started:

Anchovy paste

Who doesn’t love a slice of generously slathered fish paste on warm, buttered toast? If you’re still looking for a fish paste replacement, this nifty little recipe is your new best friend.

Get the recipe for anchovy paste here.

Anchovy butter

Steak and potatoes are a classic, but adding a knob of salty, umami, anchovy butter takes things to another level. Use unsalted butter – you can control the seasoning of the final product better as anchovies are salty. Try this on hot cross buns, toasted sourdough or even corn on the cob. The sweetness from the corn works so well with the butter.

Get the recipe for anchovy butter here.

We're declaring 2022 the year you make anchovy fillets a staple in your fridge. Woolworth’s anchovies are filleted, salt-cured, and stored in sunflower oil. The curing process ensures the fish have an intense, salty flavour and helps break it down so it melts into dishes leaving behind a bold flavour we love without any of the fishy taste. Make sure you add a jar to your next shop, it’ll do wonders for your cooking.

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