4 biltong recipes to serve at your next braai

By TASTE, 22 November 2023

Tis the season of summer braais and entertaining, and we’re making biltong the star ingredients to our menus. 

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If you're not entertaining this summer, what are you doing? From gathering the family for the festive season, keeping the kids busy, or hosting friends at a backyard braai, this is the season to be out and about. If there's one thing that brings everyone together, it's a good meal. What are we serving this season, you ask? Biltong, of course. We're adding it to dough to make the softest braided loaf, making addictive biltong butter to slather onto everything, a signature pasta salad to bring to your next braai, and sweet-and-salty biltong jam as gifts. We’re huge fans of biltong, which is why we think it shouldn’t be limited to just a snack. Woolworths’ biltong comes in a wide range, so why not serve this crowd favourite in an unexpected way?

1. Braided biltong loaf

In search of getting the best of both, we made this braided biltong loaf. With swirls of melted cheese, sundried tomato pesto and biltong, this loaf is one of the best you’ll ever bake. Serve it as we have with a simple home-made biltong butter, or make the best-ever grilled cheese sandwiches. Get the recipe for braided biltong loaf here. 

2. Biltong roosterkoek

When two classic South African favourites merge, it's bound to be magical. Make a thick spread using Woolworths' original free-range beef biltong, Peppadews and cream cheese and slather it onto freshly braaied roosterkoek. This roosterkoek can be sliced and shared, but it's so good, we suggest making individual portions so your guests don't have to battle for the last piece. This braai season, don't overcomplicate your sides, focus on flavour and ease.

Get the recipe for biltong roosterkoek here. 

3. Biltong jam

Sweet meets savoury in this addictive biltong jam. It's the ultimate spread – smear it on toast, add to cheese or charcuterie boards or ditch your usual relish and use this biltong jam on burgers and boerie rolls. It also makes a fantastic home-made gift. This recipe is another reason we think biltong is an underrated ingredient that should be explored beyond snacking.

Biltong JamGet the recipe for biltong jam here. 

4. Biltong, blue cheese and sundried tomato pasta salad

If you're looking for a pasta salad to take to your next braai or picnic, this is the one to make. Toss pasta with sundried tomato pesto, sliced beef biltong, crumbled blue cheese and sundried tomato quarters to make a pasta salad like no other. It's a delicious departure from the traditional braai salads that'll definitely win you praise.

Get the recipe for biltong, blue cheese and sundried tomato pasta salad here.

Find more biltong recipes here. 

Woolworths' sliced beef biltong is made using a traditional recipe, mildly spiced with coriander, cloves and chilli, and even smoked. All Woolies' beef biltong is halaal. You're spoilt for choice with the options available in store or online. 

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