5 clever ways to hide veggies in kids’ meals

By TASTE, 8 July 2020

Whether you’re looking to increase your kids’ veggie intake, or that of your own, here are some tasty ways to up the greens without feeling like you have to eat piles of kale.

1. Oven-roasted chicken Bolognese

Kids of all ages love Bolognese, and this hands-off version is our current favourite. The best thing about bolognese though is its potential for concealing veggies. Follow the base recipe as is, but feel free to add in grated carrots, courgettes or finely chopped baby spinach (right at the end for this one). Once the sauce is combined with pasta and topped with some Parmesan, no one will have any clue it's so veggie-laden.
oven roasted chicken bolognese with big batch polenta
Get the recipe for oven-roasted chicken bolognese here.

2. Hidden spinach flapjacks

You can already tell where we're going with this one. This genius recipe is not only a great way to get more greens on the table, but it's a handy trick to remember if you have lots of spinach to use up.
Hidden spinach pancakes
Get the recipe for hidden spinach pancakes here.

3. Adzuki bean brownie cakes

Don't we all, kids and adults alike, just want to eat cake? These gluten-free brownies use beans in the base, which in our minds makes them feel all kinds of wholesome. They might not be packed with veggies, but they're a great, lower-sugar alternative when you feel like something sweet.

Get the recipe for adzuki bean brownie cakes here.

4. Everyday egg frittatas

These little frittatas are not only delicious, but they're versatile enough to conceal pretty much any vegetable. Chopped baby spinach, blanched and chopped broccoli, peas or grated carrots or courgettes would all be disguised by the eggy mix here, so go wild!

Get the recipe for everyday egg frittatas here.

5. Breakfast smoothies

Nothing new here, but smoothies will always be one of the best vehicles for sneaky veggies. Take any of these and blitz in baby spinach or avo, and you've got yourself a powerhouse smoothie that likely tastes like a milkshake.
Breakfast smoothie recipes


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