5 top tips to cooking perfect pork chops

By TASTE, 28 March 2018

Nothing hits the spot quite like pork chops for dinner and tender South African pork gives you foolproof deliciousness. To make yours top of the chops, follow these 5 top tips to cooking pork chops.


1. Choose bone-in chops for flavour and juiciness.
2. Season them before pan-frying – two at a time – in a cast-iron pan over medium heat.
3. Use a combo of butter and oil for the best caramelisation.
4. To prevent chops from curling, and get beautifully crisp crackling, cut evenly spaced incisions into the fat. Alternatively, remove the fat and cook in 1cm of hot oil to make crackling to crumble over the chops before serving.
5. It's best to undercook pork slightly, as it will continue to cook in the residual heat of the pan while you let it rest, resulting in the redistribution of the flavourful juices through the meat.

Serving suggestion

Pan-fry the pork loin chops and serve with roasted sweetcorn purée and fennel, or smashed baby peas, sage butter and Woolworths’ beetroot hummus.

For the sweetcorn purée, pan-fry the kernels cut from 3 cobs of corn in a cast-iron pan with olive oil until caramelised. Add chopped onion and garlic, then cook until softened. Finish off with a knob of butter, some grated pecorino and cream, then purée with nutmeg and seasoning to serve.

For the smashed peas, blanch Woolworths’ petit pois, then mash with freshly squeezed lemon juice and Woolies herbed pesto and seasoning to taste.


Article by TASTE

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