• muffins

    Dear Abigail I am not a regular baker. I am however able to cook properly. I have moved into an apartment with an oven that I am not sure is the culprit. I have a recipe for muffins which I have tried three times now with ingredients that are fresh, room temperature and correctly measured. […]

  • Bottled Minced Coriander

    I was given a bottle of Minced Coriander which I find quite awful as it is very vinegarey. Please help with suggestions as to what I can use this for or in.


    Have just made the basic home-made mayonnaise form Abigail’s recipe, but want something more tangy. What can I add to get a good result.


    I’ve decided to start each day with a healthy juice or smoothie but I’m already bored with my banana & berry combination. Please can you guys share some recipes or ideas! Thanks you!


    It’s the battle of the meats! Gammon vs. duck vs. turkey vs. chicken. Which do you make, and why? I’m want to make 2 this year but can’t settle on which ones. Help! And some cooking tips would be great, too :) X PS: Dessert?!

  • Christmas turkey

    Last year, I did a turkey that involved: fig jam, thyme, roasted nectaries, port wine and cranberries. I can’t seem to find the recipe, and since every one LOVED the turkey last year, it is now my duty to do the same this year. PLEASE HELP, I need this recipe. Raquel x

  • Ratatouille

    Does anyone have the recipe for the fabulous ratatouille which Woolies uses to fill their butternut halves with?

  • Old Recipe

    Hi All, I am trying to find a recipe from the Mar/Apr 2009 issue and wondering if anyone can help me or tell me where I can find it, It the sweet & sour cucumber pickle recipe its on pg 90 of that issue, I was so upset when I went to get the recipe […]