• “The dilema of a Vegeterian” (Please advise)

    Good day all, I trust that you are well. I have two questions for the community out there. ONE: I have been a Vegetarian for the past twenty-seven years, in the last year I have taken things a bit further and turned to Veganism. The reason for this is due to the milk industry being […]

  • Recipe for Woolies chicken & broccoli bake

    Woolies chicken & broccoli bake is one of my family’s favourite go-to meals when we don’t feel like doing more than sliding a dish into the oven. I have tried to recreate it – using chicken breasts, thighs, roast chicken; cream vs no cream; cheddar vs parmesan, and so on, but have never quite “got […]

  • Cinnamon & Sugar Doughnuts

    Hi, I am a lacto – vegan, and have notice that Woolworths selection is relatively limited however, I have noticed that the Cinnamon & Sugar 6 pack doughnuts are probable suitable for people that follow my diet, can anyone confirm their suitability. Keenly look forward to sweet response. Kind regards,

  • TASTE recipe ingredients not in stores

    I was very disappointed going into Woolies Olivedale and even in Northgate over the weekend and not being able to buy ingredients for a recipe from TASTE. Not only did the stores not have most of them, the guys had not even heard of some of them (rainbow carrots for example), even saying they had […]

  • Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

    In 2014 or 2015 there was an issue that had a recipe for mini lemon cheese cakes that I have lost and would like a copy of. If I recall correctly, the cover had on a tall decadent cake picture and had a special feature on elegant cakes. Would appreciate any help. Thanks Gita

  • Beer & Cheese Dip/Fondue

    A while ago Hannah placed a beer and cheese dip/fondue recipe on this site, how do I find it ? I have searched that site but it doesn’t seem available

  • Best pots and pans

    Hi, I am on the market to purchase a new set of pots (1 casserole, 1 frying pan and 1 saucepan) I really want to purchase a set that will not cost an arm and a leg but also quality. Any suggestions?

  • Crunchy ice cream

    I don’t have an ice cream maker and my ice cream ALWAYS lands up with crystals. Such a disappointment! How do I make creamy ice cream without churning it?

  • your best chicken recipe for a braai

    I am looking for an interesting yet delicious main mail chicken recipe for the braai. I have found a few recipes but as yet, I have found nothing that blow my mind. All suggestions are welcome!

  • Grilled cheese sandwiches

    Does anyone remember the Grilled Cheese sandwiches which Garlicks in Cape Town served in the restaurants in the 1960’s and ’70’s? It was a cheese and egg mixture I think. Please I would love the recipe.

  • Lasagne

    Can somebody please advise me if I have to precook Woolworths Lasagne dried Pasta if I am going to bake the dish in the oven.

  • Hollow cakes

    I like to think of myself as a pretty good cook but I am at a loss these last few times I have baked. I’ve tried these receipes before and they always look and taste amazing but lately, whatever I bake rises lovely in the oven, but when its cooling flop horribly down in the […]

  • muffins

    Dear Abigail I am not a regular baker. I am however able to cook properly. I have moved into an apartment with an oven that I am not sure is the culprit. I have a recipe for muffins which I have tried three times now with ingredients that are fresh, room temperature and correctly measured. […]

  • Bottled Minced Coriander

    I was given a bottle of Minced Coriander which I find quite awful as it is very vinegarey. Please help with suggestions as to what I can use this for or in.