Crispy LemonGold® chicken tenders

Crispy LemonGold® chicken tenders

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  • 4-6
  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • 12 minutes


  • For the sauce:  
  • 100 ml olive oil 
  • 1 T garlic crushed  
  • 1 T ginger crushed  
  • 1 t chilli, chopped  
  • 2 T Woolworths Asian Chilli Szechuan Pepper Oil  
  • 1 T honey 
  • 1 LemonGold® seedless lemon, juiced
  • For the crumb:  
  • 100 g flour 
  • 3 free-range eggs
  • 1 x 135 g tub Woolworths plain crumbs
  • 1 t dried dill
  • 1 LemonGold® seedless lemon, zested
  • For the chicken:
  • 500 g chicken breasts 
  • 2 LemonGold® seedless lemons, charred
  • To serve:
  • burger bun 
  • mayonnaise
  • lettuce 
  • rocket  

Cooking Instructions

1. For the sauce combine all the ingredients into a pot and bring to a boil. Set aside.

2. Create a dredging station by placing the flour, and egg in separate shallow bowls. In a third shallow bowl, combine panko crumbs, dill and LemonGold®  zest.

3. Slice the chicken into strips and dust with the flavour, dip into the egg and toss in the panko crumbs until fully coated.

4. Cook in the air fryer at 180ºC for 12 minutes with the 2 lemons.

5. To serve either make a burger with mayonnaise, lettuce, rocket and lemon sauce. Or serve with rice.

Photographs: Shavan Rahim
Recipes: Jacqueline Burgess
Food assistant: Josh van Zyl

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Jacqueline Burgess Recipe by: Jacqueline Burgess
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