Teething problems with the new TASTE website

By TASTE, 29 April 2015

It’s been almost a month since we relaunched the Taste website, and we hope you’re all loving the new look and expanded selection of delicious recipes. The motivation behind a redesign of this nature is to make your recipe browsing experience easier and more rewarding.

It is worth noting that we are currently in phase 1 of this significant update, and phase 2 is set to commence before the end of May. Invariably, when redesigning a large website, relocating thousands of recipes and adding hundreds more, gremlins tend to rear their little heads.

Thanks to you our readers, we have picked up on a few minor technical issues that seem to be occurring.

Recipe (or just its picture) cannot be found, or a link doesn’t work: This more than likely means it has fallen through the cracks during the transition. Please send us an email if you come across any instances like these, and we’ll immediately find it and upload it to the site.

Trouble logging in, or receiving email with password reset:  A few of our readers reported having this problem. Our system administrator has assured us that the fault has subsequently been corrected, but if you do experience this please email us and we’ll send you a new password directly.

My Recipe Book: Those of you who have been collecting ideas via My Recipe Book will probably have noticed the absence of this function on the new site. Rest assured, this is only temporary. Once phase 2 commences at the end of May, we will reintroduce My Recipe Book, and all your previously saved recipes will still be there. Please bear with us in the meantime, and perhaps bookmark your favourite recipes in your browser in the interim.

Searching: We’ve had reports of readers struggling to find specific recipes using the “search” function. Advanced search options will also be unveiled in phase 2, making searches must more specific. For now, if you’re struggling to find a favourite recipe, try searching for the main ingredient in the recipe ("beef") rather than the complete name of the recipe ("Asian beef shortribs"). It's a little more cumbersome, but it will be worth the wait.

We thank you for your patience and your feedback in helping us make taste.co.za your ultimate cooking resource.


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  • default
    Deborah-anne Odendaal
    5 August 2015

    It is now August and the My Recipe Book is not available. When will it appear? Otherwise the site is very nice.

    1. default
      5 August 2015

      Hi Deborah-Anne

      My Recipe Book is available: when you’re logged into the site, visit “My Profile” (top right corner) and your recipes are saved under “My Favourites”. This is the direct link: http://taste.co.za/my-favourites/.

      Please let us know if your favourites aren’t displaying and we’ll investigate further.

      Thanks for your support!
      The TASTE Team.

  • default
    13 May 2015

    Hi Ruth,

    Thank you!

    We’re excited to bring back My Recipe Book! :)

    The TASTE team.

  • Ruth Esther Park
    12 May 2015

    Looking forward to the Recipe book function!! Your website looks beautiful!!

  • default
    Julia Buret
    7 May 2015

    I would like to see the “print” option back on the recipes, please. Cant find it at all now.

    1. default
      Dylan Culhane
      7 May 2015

      Thanks Julia. The good news is that we have identified this, and you should see a ‘print’ option on the site from tomorrow.