5 speedy Asian-inspired recipes to make throughout the week

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5 speedy Asian-inspired recipes to make throughout the week

Making weeknight dinners just got a whole lot easier with Woolworths’ new range of wok sauces. We’ve created 5 new recipes that showcases the time-saving benefits of this new range that you can make through the week. These wok sauces are versatile and add tons of flavour to your cooking.

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The right pantry items can transport you to faraway places, and Woolworths continues to add to its range of southeast Asian-inspired pantry items. So whether you want to expand your repertoire (without making pastes from scratch) or just add a touch of umami, you’ll find what you need. A wide range of sauces, condiments, pickles and pantry basics means you can enjoy everything from teriyaki and pad Thai to sushi and ramen without shelling out for takeaways – or travel.

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1. Chicken chow mein

This one-pan dinner doesn’t require a lot of effort. It’s loaded with tender, juicy chicken, a rainbow selection of vegetables (carrots, purple cabbage and spring onions), and springy rice noodles tossed with Woolies’ new chow mein sauce. This is the recipe to bust out the wok but a regular large pan will also do the trick.

Get the recipe for chicken chow mein here.

2. Chicken pad Thai

If you’re in the mood for Thai food, make this 20-minute recipe. Woolworths’ pad Thai sauce saves you time, there’s no need to spend time trying to balance a home-made sauce (and being left with a long list of ingredients you’ll have to use up). For this recipe, we’ve gone with chicken, but swap it for prawns, pork, beef, tofu or tempeh if you want to switch things up.

Get the recipe for chicken pad Thai here.

3. Grilled Korean BBQ cauliflower

Our favourite thing about Woolworths’ new wok sauces is that they can really amp up vegetables. If you’re on a budget, follow a plant-based diet or just don’t feel like eating meat, this grilled cauliflower is what you should make. Serve with steamed rice, pickled ginger and a punchy nước chấm dipping sauce or sweet chilli sauce.

Get the recipe for Grilled Korean BBQ cauliflower here.

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4. Scored teriyaki brinjal

This sweet, sticky and salty marinated teriyaki brinjal can be served as a main or side. If you’re in a hurry, dice the brinjal instead of halving and scoring. Brinjals’ spongy flesh absorbs flavour very well, which makes it our go-to vegetable when we want to steer clear of meaty recipes.

Get the recipe for scored teriyaki brinjal here.

5. Sweet-and-sour chicken

This sweet-and-sour chicken is made with a sticky, tangy sauce that’s simply irresistible. As far as midweek dinners go, this is a no-brainer. Chicken is chopped into cubes, dusted in flour and fried until crispy. Toss with wok-fried peppers and Woolworths’ sweet-and-sour sauce and that’s dinner sorted.

Get the recipe for sweet-and-sour chicken here.

Find more Asian-inspired recipes here. 

Photography: Sadiqah Assur-Ismail
Recipes and Production: Hannah Lewry
Food assistant: Lerato Motau

Now you can enjoy your favourites, from teriyaki to pad Thai with Wooloworths’ new range of Asian-inspired ingredients. Try out new recipes our recrate your favourite takeaways – the options are endless. 

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