7 creative low-effort roasts

By TASTE, 11 July 2024

Roasts can be delicious at any time of year, but especially when the weather is colder! Hannah Lewry shares 6 roast recipes that go beyond Sunday lunch. The best part? Your oven does all the heavy lifting.

1. Sticky lamb curry

Yes, you can make a roasted curry! Hannah Lewry’s sticky lamb curry with honeyed parsnips is full of intense flavour. Roasting the meat in this dish makes it sticky and caramelised. If you’re not a fan of spicy food, leave out the hot curry powder.

Find the recipe for sticky lamb curry here.

2. Roast sirloin with potato bake

The secret to this recipe’s success is roasting the sirloin on top of the potato bake. All the flavour soaks into the creamy potato bake. Serve it with a celery-and-citrus salsa to help cut the richness.

Roast sirloin with sweet potato bake

Find the recipe for roast sirloin with potato bake here.

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3. Indian-style creamed spinach

Are you a fan of creamed spinach? Then you’ll definitely love Hannah’s Indian-style version. It’s topped with leeks and roasted baby carrots to make it even more exciting.

Indian-style creamed spinach

Find the recipe for Indian-style creamed spinach here.

4. Herb-crusted spatchcock chicken

This one-pot recipe is sure to impress. The herb topping on the chicken gives it a golden, crunchy crust, plus it’s cooked in a lemony white bean stock for even more flavour. Serve it on polenta or orzo.


Find the recipe for herb-crusted spatchcock chicken here. 

5. Crispy pork rashers with cabbage

You’ve never had cabbage and pork like this before! Crispy pork rashers and roasted cabbage are doused in a creamy green peppercorn gravy to make a comforting, flavourful dish.

Find the recipe for crispy pork rashers with cabbage here. 

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6. Sweet potato gnocchi

This is a sign to make sweet potato gnocchi from scratch – it’s way easier to make than you think. We highly recommend having it with Hannah’s collapsed tomato sauce, which needs just 5 ingredients to make.

           Find the recipe for sweet potato gnocchi here.

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