• Best way to chop onions without crying

    Surely this is an age-old question, but chopping onions always seems to make me teary-eyed. How do I prevent this? Some suggest cutting onions under water or freezing them for a few minutes before chopping. Are there any easier or more effective methods?

  • Overbeating batter

    When a recipe says “be careful not to overbeat”… what does that mean, and why? How do I know if I’m overbeating?

  • Quick Favorite for Recipes

    Hi All, I don’t seem to find a general comments area, so I hope it is ok me posting this here. There are so many great looking recipes, with names that make your tastebuds jump with excitement, but often I find I don’t have the time at that very moment to read the entire recipe. […]

  • Aubergines + SALT

    Is it really necessary to salt aubergines before cooking them? I read once that it’s an old wives tail… I stopped salting them but sometimes they’re still super bitter. Anyone know what the solution is? I love brinjal but I hate the salting process!

  • Meringues and vinegar

    I want to make pavlova but I can’t seem to figure out if I should or shouldn’t use vinegar? Some recipes call for it, others don’t. I like a slightly chewy meringue… help pls!

  • Cooking fish

    I always seem to overcook fish, which leaves it mushy. How do you know when a piece of fish is cooked – but still juicy, and a little bit raw inside?

  • Better butternut?

    I’m lacking butternut inspiration. I usually just roast it with some olive oil (and sometimes make soup). Any suggestions how to spice it up? My tastebuds need some excitement…

  • Poached Eggs

    Some people say I must make a whirlpool in the saucepan, others say add more vinegar. Any tried-and-tested tips on poaching the perfect egg?