• The best way to make coffee?

    Hi guys. Do you have any tips to making an epic cup of coffee? I’ve heard so many different things: water temperature, the grind of the beans, the method (stove top, French press, etc), hot vs cold milk, etc etc. PLEASE can someone spell it out for me simply? Thanks!

  • Mushroom Sauce – shelf life

    I’m going away this weekend and would like to do some of the prep for my meal in advance. How long would a homemade mushroom sauce (no flour, just reduced cream, wine, garlic and mushrooms) last in the fridge? Would it be ok to freeze it? Would freezing it not affect the quality of the […]

  • Where can I buy Vino Cotto?

    Ive been looking all over Cape Town (apparently not in the right places!) for a bottle of vino cotto. I saw a recipe for an amazing pork belly in Taste magazine’s July issue that requires this key ingredient. Anyone know where to go or alternatively what can I use as a substitute? Thanks!

  • What is your go-to end-of-the-month budget meal?

    What is the most creative, weirdest-but-strangely-satisfying meals that you’ve come up with at the end of the month? Do any of you have any stories to share? Anything from things you came up with as a broke youngster or student, to how you deal with the end-of-the-month-salti-crack situation now?

  • Best way to chop onions without crying

    Surely this is an age-old question, but chopping onions always seems to make me teary-eyed. How do I prevent this? Some suggest cutting onions under water or freezing them for a few minutes before chopping. Are there any easier or more effective methods?

  • Overbeating batter

    When a recipe says “be careful not to overbeat”… what does that mean, and why? How do I know if I’m overbeating?

  • Quick Favorite for Recipes

    Hi All, I don’t seem to find a general comments area, so I hope it is ok me posting this here. There are so many great looking recipes, with names that make your tastebuds jump with excitement, but often I find I don’t have the time at that very moment to read the entire recipe. […]

  • Aubergines + SALT

    Is it really necessary to salt aubergines before cooking them? I read once that it’s an old wives tail… I stopped salting them but sometimes they’re still super bitter. Anyone know what the solution is? I love brinjal but I hate the salting process!

  • Meringues and vinegar

    I want to make pavlova but I can’t seem to figure out if I should or shouldn’t use vinegar? Some recipes call for it, others don’t. I like a slightly chewy meringue… help pls!

  • Cooking fish

    I always seem to overcook fish, which leaves it mushy. How do you know when a piece of fish is cooked – but still juicy, and a little bit raw inside?

  • Better butternut?

    I’m lacking butternut inspiration. I usually just roast it with some olive oil (and sometimes make soup). Any suggestions how to spice it up? My tastebuds need some excitement…

  • Poached Eggs

    Some people say I must make a whirlpool in the saucepan, others say add more vinegar. Any tried-and-tested tips on poaching the perfect egg?