4 no-bake cheesecakes to whip up this weekend

By TASTE, 20 July 2017

Oh, the no-bake cheesecake! We could wax lyrical about their creamy, sweet and often tart fillings. They’re oh-so easy to make: simply mix together the ingredients, pop in the fridge and you’re good to go. Try not check on your cheesecake too much! A watched cheesecake never sets.

Okay, we confess: some of these recipes do require you to turn on the oven - but only for the crust! If you're absolutely adamant on going 100% bake-free, use the Tennis Biscuit crust recipe in the first recipe below for the no-bake cheesecake of your choosing.

Otherwise, if you're not adverse to a bit of baking, we highly recommend trying this coconut crust. It's a fresh, nutty take on the standard cheesecake crust.

The toppings for all the recipes can be swopped out for the seasonal fruit of your choosing: try ClemenGolds, berries, cherries, Kiwi fruit or granadilla. Or, if you're feeling particularly decadent, try lemon curd swirled in double cream yoghurt. Thank us later.

The real no-bake cheesecake

No-bake cheesecake
This is the real deal: the classic Tennis Biscuit crust requires no baking, just 20 minutes chill time. Pro tip: if you can't get your hands on fresh berries, a bag of frozen berries will work just as well.

Get the no-bake cheesecake recipe here.

Mocha cheesecake chocolate cups

No-bake cheesecake

A shot of strong espresso gives the creamy dessert a grown-up twist and the dainty dark-chocolate cups in which it's served will satisfy a sweet tooth. It's a dessert sure to fan the fires of any romance.

Get the mocha cheesecake chocolate cup recipe here

Pomegranate studded no-bake cheesecake with a coconut crust

No-bake cheesecake

This sweet coconut crust is great gluten-free alternative - and perfectly complements the complements the tartness of the rubies. The crust does, however, require 25-30 minutes of baking. Opt for a classic Tennis Biscuit crust (see above) if you're not interested in turning on your oven.

Get the pomegranate studded no-bake cheesecake recipe here

Easy berry cheesecakes

No-bake cheesecake

4 ingredients and 20 minutes and these individual easy berry cheesecakes are all yours. Bonus? The crust only takes 10 minutes to bake. What are you waiting for?

Get the easy berry cheesecake recipe here.

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