Soups from around the world – in your kitchen

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Soups from around the world – in your kitchen

Hearty bowls inspired by international cuisine are easy for you to rustle up in your own kitchen.

If there’s one simple joy that winter brings us, it’s the soul-soothing warmth of soup. Creamy, hearty, loaded with veggie-goodness, chunky or smooth with hot-buttered toast to dunk or scattered with croutons, the options – and preferences – are endless.

It’s no surprise that “soup” is the most popular search word on the TASTE website. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of global bowls that are easy for you to rustle up in your own kitchen, using local ingredients.

Chicken pho bo (Vietnamese chicken soup) 
Bright, fresh and wholesome, this combination of fresh greens and rice noodles is a perfect combination for a crisp winter’s day.

French peasant soup
A simple dish combining all those leftover veggies in your fridge.

Locro Argentina (Samp-and-bean soup) 
Not to be confused with a local staple, the addition of the sofrito (a blend of onions of herbs) gives this soup South American flare.

Italian tomato and broken spaghetti soup
A quick ‘n easy one that will have you smacking your lips for more.

Miso-tofu soup with Japanese maki rolls 
Soup with a side of sushi? It may take a little extra time to prepare, but it’s well worth the effort.

Moroccan sweet pepper soup
This North African-inspired soup is simple and quick to prepare. We serve with veggie skewers.

Snert (Dutch pea soup) 
A hearty combination of split green peas and salty pork cuts.

Spicy Mexican red kidney bean soup with chunky guacamole 
Wholesome and hearty with a little kick of heat.

Swakopmund seafood soup
A little closer to home, this Namibian dish combines subtle elements to lift the flavour of seafood.

Thai beetroot soup
A beautiful pink dish with hints of ginger and spice.

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