SPONSORED: 5 frozen desserts that will keep you cool this summer

By TASTE, 3 October 2023

It’s finally summer and we couldn’t be more excited to sample as many ice cream, sorbet and frozen dessert flavours as possible. We’ve rounded up a few frozen desserts for all your summer occasions. From celebrating the end of the school year to a show-stopping festive dessert, here are 5 frozen desserts you can make at home without the use of any expensive equipment.

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1. School's out: ginger beer float

We bet the kids are pumped for the school holidays. No more waking up early, homework and studying. Cheers to a successful year with these ginger beer floats. You can go all out with burgers and chips to recreate the diner experience. Get the recipe for ginger beer float here. 

2. Sunday lunch: baked ice-cream croissant pudding

This 6-ingredient dessert makes the perfect ending to Sunday roast lunch. It's an elevated version of bread-and-butter pudding – don't be intimated, the method is still the same. Just substitute the bread with croissants. Don't forget to serve it with a scoop of ice cream. Get the recipe for baked ice-cream croissant pudding here. 

3. Pool party: ginger-and-raspberry yoghurt popsicles

The summer holidays are long; finding ways to keep the kids entertained can sometimes seem impossible. Take it back to basics by hosting a pool party for them and their friends. These easy home-made popsicles can be made the day before (extra points if the kids help). They're made using thick yoghurt, lemon juice and stem ginger and the kids can have fun decorating them with fresh fruit, 100s and 1000s or melted chocolate. Ginger-and-raspberry yoghurt popsicles recipeGet the recipe for ginger-and-raspberry yoghurt popsicles here.

4. Keep it vegan: vegan litchi granita

This is about to be your new favourite way to enjoy litchis. A granita is an Italian frozen dessert that's similar to shaved ice, but it's made with real fruit. It's very refreshing and you can try many different flavour combinations. Enjoy with a dollop of cultured coconut cream.  Vegan litchi granitaGet the recipe for veagn litchi granita here. 

5. Festive stunner: Chuckles ice cream baked Alaska

Make this incredible Chuckles malt ice cream and chocolate babka meringue bombe dessert the centrepiece of your Christmas celebrations. You can use any cake or ice cream to encase the bombe. If you like, add your favourite berries to the ice cream, or use two different flavours to create a two-tone effect. You can even make the bombe up to a week in advance and freeze, simply make the meringue and brûlée just before serving. Get the recipe for Chuckles ice cream baked Alaska here. PowerPlastics Pool Covers are made with style, sustainability and safety in mind. PowerPlastics Pool Covers have provided homeowners, schools, gyms and hospitality establishments with aesthetically beautiful, quality pool covers for over 30 years. PowerPlastics is passionate about saving water, saving electricity, saving chemicals and saving lives – savings that are all easy to achieve by covering up with any of their pool coversLearn more about how you can cover your pool here.

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