The 10 most popular recipes in September 2022

By Lesego Madisa, 10 October 2022

Judging by your most clicked recipes, braai season was in full swing. Here are 10 of the most popular recipes for September, did your favourite make it?

10. 30-minute pork belly

Love pork belly but don’t love the hours spent cooking it? Food director Abigail has the best hack for succulent and tender pork belly, complete with roast cabbage wedges and sweet potato mash.

30-minute-pork-bellyGet the recipe for 30-minute pork belly recipes. 

9. Baked butter beans

Spruce up canned butter beans with garlic, onions and tomatoes. This simple dish can go from breakfast to dinner with a few easy (or fancy) additions. We’ve gone for baked feta and crusty, toasted ciabatta but the options are endless.

Get the recipe for baked butter beans recipes. 

8. Home-pickled cucumbers

This is the easiest way to preserve cucumbers. This method ensures that the cucumbers remain crunchy while they soak up all the salty brine. Home-pickled cucumbersGet the recipe for home-pickled cucumbers here. 

7. Lamb steaks with baked butter beans

Add free-range lamb steaks and baby spinach salad to rosemary and garlic butter beans for a satisfying and filling dinner recipe. Using budget-friendly ingredients as a base for your meals is an excellent way to stretch what you have. If you're not keen on meat, swap the lamb steaks for mushrooms, brinjal or tofu.

Get the recipe for lamb steaks with baked butter beans here. 

6. Apple, honey and almond cake

For this year’s Rosh Hashanah celebrations, TASTE contributor Philippa Cheifitz suggested: “Instead of serving the traditional sliced apples dipped in honey to wish for a good, sweet year, I'm baking this cake crowned with thinly sliced apple drizzled with honey." This cake is great with a cup of tea as a mid-afternoon snack!

Apple, honey and almond cakeGet the recipe for apple, honey and almond cake here. 

5. Spiced lamb rack

It's easier to make a lamb rack on the braai than you think! Just follow our food director's steps and you'll have perfect braaied chops. Serve them with Mexican BBQ sauce and chimichurri for extra flavour, or go all out with all the braai trimmings – garlic bread, braaied corn, potato salad and pap!

Spiced lamb rackGet the recipe for spiced lamb rack here.

4. Giant bhisto and cheese toasts

Cheese and tomato toasties, move over! This cheese toast is taking over! If you’re unfamiliar with bhisto, it's a simple South African relish made with tomatoes, chillies and onions. It’s usually served with pap or rice but you don’t have to limit this tangy sauce to Sunday soul food. Here, deputy food editor Khanya uses this classic in cheese toast that reminds us of pizza.

Giant bhisto and cheese toastsGet the recipe for giant bhisto and cheese toasts here. 

3. Skilpadjies with Soweto sauce 

Edge Restaurant executive chef Vusi Ndlovu’s secret to making perfect skilpadjies is to cook them low and slow on the coals. He serves them on toasted cornbread with Soweto sauce and chimichurri to make the ultimate South African meatball sub.

Get the recipe for skilpadjies with Soweto sauce here.

2. Charred blood orange and mozzarella salad

This is the prettiest salad you’ll ever see. We made the most of the short blood orange season by adding this ruby-red citrus to everything!

Get the recipe for charred blood orange and mozzarella salad here.

1. Braaied butternut pudding

Butternut in a dessert? You read that right. This recipe is Edge Restaurant executive chef Vusi Ndlovu’s nostalgic take on a Zimbabwean dessert called nhopi. It features butternut and peanut butter with a peanut-and-chocolate crumble to add texture. You have to make it at your next braai.

Braaied butternut pudding

Get the recipe for braaied butternut pudding here. 

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