3 baking projects to keep the kids busy during school holidays

By Jess Spiro, 30 June 2021

While we’ll never judge you for letting auntie Netflix take care of the kids during school holidays, there might come a time when even that won’t be enough to keep them occupied. For those times, here are three fun baking projects to keep them busy – and out of your hair – during the holidays.

Mini ham-and-mushroom calzones

Pizza dough alone is the school holiday MVP, mostly because the kids can make it without much supervision and will love seeing it rise as it proves. These little calzones add to the excitement, as they can stuff theirs with different fillings.
Mini-ham-and-mushroom-calzonesGet the recipe for mini ham-and-mushroom calzones here.

Cinnamon buns

As with pizza dough, yeast-risen recipes are a sure-fire winner. If your kids are old enough you could easily let them make these buns entirely by themselves (keeping an eye on them when it comes to baking, of course). They’ll especially love rolling them out.
Get the recipe for cinnamon buns here.

Edible cookie dough

If you toast the flour for them, most kids will be able to manage these by themselves – giving you some peace and quiet for your daily Zoom meetings.
coconut and condensed milk edible cookie doughGet the recipe for edible cookie dough here.

Looking for more ways to keep the kids busy? You'll find them here.

Jess Spiro

Article by Jess Spiro

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