3 recipes that make great leftovers for lunch boxes

By TASTE, 2 September 2020

With the prospect of schools going back, it’s time to start thinking about filling lunchboxes again. And if you’ve gotten used to directing hungry kids to the fridge for last night’s leftovers, then you’ll be pleased to know we’ve picked three dinner ideas that just happen to make great lunches.

1. Sticky orange and chilli-baked chicken with bean mash

This one-pot wonder has won over many hearts and if, like us, you’re feeling lazy, you can skip the last step of blending the beans into a mash and serve everything as is. This also means you’ve basically got lunch sorted. Shred the meat and pop into a chicken mayo sarmie and, if your kids will eat them, scoop some beans out into a small container for a salad of sorts. Bulk it up with some roasted veggies or extra blanched broccoli if you want.


Find the recipe for sticky orange and chilli-baked chicken with bean mash her.

2. Wholewheat fusilli with green olives and herbs

Pasta will forever be the ultimate “bestover” and this punchy olive version is no different. Served warm or cold, this will hold up wonderfully in a lunchbox. If you want, add in some feta and avo to make it more of a pasta salad.

Find the recipe for wholewheat fusilli with green olives and herbs here.

3. Pea-and-broad bean quiche with sweet potato crust

The sweet potato crust here won’t go soggy, meaning this quiche will be as good for lunch the next day. Feel free to swap out the greens for any others of your choosing.

Find the recipe for pea-and-broad bean quiche with sweet potato crust here. 


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